Shipping & returns


  1. Every request for return of material must be sent by e-mail or by using the RMA request form within the shop at
  2. Material can only be returned when Customer Service issued a valid RMA number.
  3. An RMA number is valid for 8 days after its issue by Customer Service; consequently the concerned products must be returned to Tagma within that period of time.
  4. Only material purchased at can be returned. Verification is done based on the serial numbers, sometimes upon invoice number and date.
  5. Returned goods must be in original manufacturers shipping cartons complete with all packing materials. All goods for return shall be returned freight prepaid or in the manner specified in the RMA.
  6. Do not write on the product box. The RMA number should be visible on the shipping label and outer box.
  7. Product will be refused in the following circumstances:
  • If a product is returned missing any components sent with the original order.
  • If the condition of the returned product is in any way misrepresented.
  • If the received product is damaged in any way.
  • If there is not a valid and visible RMA number.
  • If a product returned on a DOA is tested as a full functioning product.
  • If a product is received over 10 days after the date the RMA number is issued.
  • If a product is not returned in the original packaging and/or box.
  1. Customer is ultimately responsible for the condition of the returned items.
  2. Product that is discontinued or obsolete from the supplier does not qualify for a return. Tagma does not accept returns of print heads, bar code media, software or service contracts.
  3. In cases where replacement units need to be issued, this will be actioned using the standard delivery terms. This process and costs will be provided by Tagma. Note: Express shipment can be offered if the claimant accepts the increased costs.


1. DOA (dead on arrival)

  1. The DOA problem must be reported within 5 working days after invoice date from Tagma. DOA process of the vendor will be applied.
  2. If a product is tested and the problem is not duplicated, there will be a 20% “no problem found” fee charged to the customer.

2. Defective Products

Tagma does not offer any warranty other than the one imposed by the manufacturer to Tagma. Consequently, the warranty conditions proposed by Tagma will be an exact copy of the manufacturer‘s. Repairs will need to be returned to the address indicated by Tagma. Note: In the case the customer returns the goods claiming warranty rights and goods are found to be fault-free the customer shall bear all costs related to the unjustified claiming of warranty rights including transportation, handling and costs for inspection.

3. Wrong Deliveries by Tagma

  1. Customer Service must be notified of all wrong deliveries within 8 days date of invoice.
  2. Only products in their original condition and without damages to the box will be accepted for return.
  3. Transportation cost for returning the material will be at the expense of Tagma.
  4. Tagma will attempt to collect goods only once. If the customer or end user is not present for the pickup, they must return the products at their own expense.

4. Products Damaged at Delivery by Tagma

  1. Customer Service must be notified of all damaged deliveries within 5 days date of invoice.
  2. Damage must be reported to courier at the reception of goods.
  3. Pictures of the damage need to be supplied to Tagma: please keep all boxes available for inspection by carrier.
  4. Transportation cost for returning the material will be at the expense of Tagma.

5. Wrong customer order

  1. All requests have to be made within 8 days of invoice.
  2. Tagma reserves the right to issue an RMA number for the return of material in case the customer placed a wrong order.
  3. Tagma reserves the right to charge the customer a restocking fee of at least 20% of the product value, with a minimum of € 75.
  4. Tagma does not accept the return of following goods:
    • Media (labels and ribbons)
    • Printheads
    • Software
    • Inactive products
    • Service contracts

Transportation cost for returning the material will be at the expense of customer.

Return of Goods Goods will be returned in their original packaging, complete, without any printed tape nor any writing on the box to:

Tagma B.V.
Winthontlaan 200
3526KV Utrecht

Shipment Recommendations Returns are only accepted if acknowledged through an RMA-number. This RMA-number must be clearly indicated on the upper side of the box in such way that damage of original box is excluded. Always mention the RMA-number on the freight slip as well, especially when returning the goods yourself.

Contact and Opening Hours Customer Service:

  • Opening hours Monday – Friday 09.00 – 17.00 CET