Field Install Kits

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Advantech-DLoG Extension Kits

Power Supply 110/240VAC in 24VDC out 90W
€99.38 excl tax

Advantech-DLoG Extension Kits

LAN + COM Extension Module - AIM-35, AIM-65, AIM-68
€95.08 excl tax

Advantech-DLoG Mounting Accessories

SMALL KEYB QWERTY, mounting version, USB
€231.98 excl tax

Honeywell MC Memory/Storage

2GB Industrial Grade SLC (Single Level Cell) Micro SD Memory Card
€63.71 excl tax

LXE Mobile Computer Add-Ons

Replacement Front Panel - ANSI Keyboard, Standard Temperature - Thor VM1
€302.15 excl tax

Zebra Mob.Computer Add-Ons

53 Key VT Emulator Keypad - MC909X, MC9190-G, MC92
€120.21 excl tax

Zebra Mob.Computer Add-Ons

MC55, MC65, MC67 - Snap-On Trigger with Extended Handle - includes the standard trigger handle with short handle boot which makes the handle length 3.64" (92.4mm) and long handle boot which makes handle length 4.39" (111.6mm) - The customer can decide which boot option to use with handle - Works with WWAN and non-WWAN configurations as well as 1X and 1.5X battery configurations - Accommodates Power and Active Sync pass through to the terminal while in a single slot cradle, 4-slot cradle and all three charging cable types (USB, Charge Only, and Auto Charge) - Also works with the Snap-On MSR (MSR5500-100R) and DEX Cable (25-127558-01R) - Does not work with the Vehicle Cradle (VCD5500) - User can install an optional lanyard (21-138874-01R) sold separately
€92.48 excl tax

Zebra Mob.Computer Add-Ons

Snap-On Pistol Grip Trigger Handle - TC70, TC72, TC75, TC77 - Compatible with holster for trigger handle devices, charge only cradles and charging cable cups - Not compatible with handstrap, other snap-on accessories or USB/Ethernet cradles - Blocks view of rear facing camera - Can be used with Wrist Strap (50-12500-066) sold separately
€187.92 excl tax