Honeywell Other Mob.Comp.Acc.

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CT40 booted 4 bay net base. Kit includes net base, power supply, EU power cable. For Ethernet comms and recharging upto 4 computers with protective boot (CT40-PB-00 or CT40-PB-XP) attached.
Fabrikant: Honeywell
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Artikelnummer: HSM-CT40NBUVB2
Artikelnummer fabrikant: CT40-NB-UVB-2
Honeywell has a variety of mobile computer accessories for their mobile products. Accessories can improve work performance and productivity.
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Land van oorsprongCN
RoHS Compliance IndicatorY
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Batterij IndicatorN
Artikelnummer fabrikantCT40-NB-UVB-2
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