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Ergonomic trigger by lateral thumb trigger --- Optimum fit due to the variable Velcro fastener --- Washable: using a spray cleaner with 70% isopropyl alcohol (clip and glove) or cleaning products designed for use on fabrics (glove) --- Can be worn over other gloves --- Materials: 64% polyester, 36% nylon --- !!! x1 PN = x1 Box = x10 units !!! --- Less intrusive than ring scanners because is thinner and is positioned on the back of the hand --- Less exposed to break up impacts than ring scanner --- Scanner can be remove without any tool --- Also available in right or left hand version and different sizes S, M, L
Fabrikant: Datalogic
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Artikelnummer: 5065086
Artikelnummer fabrikant: TR10-HS7500KMR
Charging devices for Datalogic cordless scanners as well as batteries.
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Batterij IndicatorN
Artikelnummer fabrikantTR10-HS7500KMR
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