Datalogic Gryphon GM45

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Gryphon Red Illumination 2D HC +USB+Base
Fabrikant: Datalogic
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Artikelnummer: 5051524
Artikelnummer fabrikant: GM4500-HC-433K1RED

Gryphon 4500: for the first time in the hand held reader market a scanner offers contactless “wireless charging system”!

The 4500 Series are equipped with wireless charging system able to definitely solve the #1 failure generator of all the cordless scanners: contact issues! No contacts means no need for contact cleaning or maintenance procedures and so lower TCO.

Vibration response technology is embedded in the Gryphon 45 and provides additional good-read feedback which is very useful in noisy environments and ideal for quiet environments such as libraries, hospitals (bedside patient care), etc.

GM models work with no interference in busy radio Wi-Fi / Bluetooth environments, for instance in crowded Retail Stores and Shopping Malls.

The powerful long-lasting Lithium-Ion battery (3.250 mAh) allows up to 80,000 reads per charge. During the POS Checkout application simulation (10 seconds scanning, 50 seconds stand-by) the scanner reached a remarkable result of > 60 hours with Datalogic’s STAR Cordless System radio.

Warranty: 3 years.

Product specificaties
Batterij mAh2200.00
Land van oorsprongVN
Net Battery Weight (grams)1.00
RoHS Compliance IndicatorY
Batterij bevat LithiumTrue
Goederen import codes8471900000
Single Battery Weight (grams)1.00
Cel Watt Uren8.14
Batterij TypeLION
Cellen per Unit1
Batterij IndicatorE
Batterij Voltage3.70
Cellen per Batterij1
Batterijen per Unit1
Batterij Watt Uren8.14
Cel Lithium Inhoud (gr)0.80
Lithium Content in Battery (grams)0.80
Weight per Cell (grams)1.00
Primary Indicator (is lithium primary)False
Batterij IndicatorE
Artikelnummer fabrikantGM4500-HC-433K1RED
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