Datalogic Memor K

€779,70 excl. btw
KIT Memor K DEVICE (EU-ROW) see notes
Fabrikant: Datalogic
Beschikbaarheid: Niet op voorraad
Artikelnummer: 5083027
Artikelnummer fabrikant: 946000005
Memor K’s light weight, thin design and pocketable size allow personnel to use this device all day long without any stress or fatigue.

The extremely powerful CPU provides plenty of computational power to run any application smoothly and even several applications at the same time.

Android 9 offers one of the best user experiences in the Android environment, while maintaining a strong device security and stability.

The soft rubber backlit keyboard makes it very easy to insert any kind of data even in dark environments.

Memor K can cover many applications and many shifts. If needed, the user can simply take a new battery from the cradle and quickly replace it for another 12 hours of work. Memor K can be charged on its cradle even with it boot on!
Product specificaties
Batterij bevat LithiumTrue
Batterij mAh1429.73
Land van oorsprongTW
Single Battery Weight (grams)1.00
Batterij TypeLION
Cel Lithium Inhoud (gr)0.43
Cellen per Unit1
Goederen import codes8471900000
Primary Indicator (is lithium primary)False
Batterij Watt Uren5.29
Cellen per Batterij1
Net Battery Weight (grams)1.00
Batterijen per Unit1
Cel Watt Uren5.29
RoHS Compliance IndicatorY
Batterij IndicatorP
Batterij Voltage3.70
Lithium Content in Battery (grams)0.43
Weight per Cell (grams)1.00
Batterij IndicatorP
Artikelnummer fabrikant946000005
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